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Information sheet for people who want to adopt a FAPF dog from Norway Print E-mail Megoszt
About FAPF
"Look what you can do and do it
Be persistent and you will succeed and
Look always at the bright side of life and you will survive!"
- /Zsanett/

  • Rescuing stray, injured, mal-treated and unwanted dogs
  • Rehabilitating them in order to be re-homed
  • Initiating legal actions against the person who convicted animal cruelty in cases when it is possible
  • Promoting the importance of neutering and giving a helping hand if necessary
  • Distributing information on proper breeding and caring an animal at home
FAPF was founded with the main aim of helping unwanted and stray dogs and cats. It was brought to life with 2 sisters who could not see helplessly the suffering of dogs and cats on the street and they tried to do something day by day the little it seemed to be. Since then the everyday work of the Foundation has been grown and it has been getting more and more every day. So has the number of rescues...

Please note the whole work of FAPF is done now by one person besides her everyday paid job. We don't get any sponsoring from the Government and FAPF is kept alive by some small amount of donations received from animal lovers on an irregular basis.

FAPF is not working with killing stations. Its philosophy is to prevent dogs entering into a killing station as it effects the animal in great deal. FAPF is saving dogs directly from the street. These dogs could be very ill or mal-injured. FAPF is also investigating animal cruelty cases, trying to find the best solution for the animal involved. FAPF is not saving animals from a death row with no suffering, FAPF is saving lives, preventing them from suffering! It is constantly looking for a reliable animal welfare organization from abroad to start working with, re-homing dogs and cats to abroad as the interest for adoption from Hungary is almost zero!

Procedure of adoption
In the process of adopting a dog through FAPF we first and foremost want you to send us a detailed e-mail with the following information:
  • Introduction of yourself with name, age and where you live.
  • What is the reason you want to adopt a dog? If you have fallen for a specific dog, please tell us why you want this dog?
  • What are your earlier experiences with dogs?
  • Do you have a dog/dogs now? (Please tell us what breed, gender and age)
  • Are there any other pets in your home?
  • Are there kids living in your home?
  • What is the daily routine with regards to working hours and home-alone time for the dog?
  • In addition we wish to know what breed and/or size preference and why this specific choice?
  • And finally we would like a paragraph about the life you wish to offer the dog.
After finding a dog that suits you, we want you to send us pictures of the dogs future home, family and surrounding, and other things you feel is relevant.

It is important to us that this information is as detailed as possible so we can find the right dog for the right owner. Our website is and our Facebook pages with news about the dogs for adoption is:

Kind Regards,
Zsanett Molnàr @ FAPF
© 2007 Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony