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A few interesting stories with happy endings:

We have found Lassie in a car park of a supermarket with a deep and long cut underneath one of his front legs. A big piece of meet was showing, however he couldn’t have stitches at this part of his body. He needed our daily help for healing.
Mirza and Huncutka were the puppies of a dog who gave birth to them in a factory yard. They lived in a foster home in Bélapátfalva for a long time and finally they found a new home in Germany. Szumo has grown up with them after he was thrown out to the backyard of a house when he was a puppy. He was also rescued and adopted in Germany. We managed to rescue another female dog, Borka from the territory of the power station in Kazincbarcika. She was a puppy from the previous litter of Mirza and Huncutka’s mother. Unfortunately we could not save her brother, as he was so frightened that we could not approach him.
We had to help with rehoming an unwanted litter from a house in Füzesabony, after we had the owner’s signature on a statement about disclaiming the mother of the puppies. The owner did not take the responsibility of neutering, so we searched for a suitable new home for her. Tapi lives a very happy life now in Norway.
 Jenna was found tied to a tree in the suburb of Füzesabony. He was whining with agony because she almost hang herself on the kinked chain.
Niki and Rudolf were also left by irresponsible people in Füzesabony, and we found them in the city center. Niki had a rope around her neck and she was pulling it along. Rudi had been begging for food in front of the supermarket for weeks frightened and suspiciously.
 Moby has a very sad story. We took him away from a house in Mezõtárkány, because his owner himself hasn’t had anything to eat. Moby has been rescued by this owner earlier from gypsies, who abused the dog so much that he was not able to stand on his hind legs for a long time. After suffering so much he lives with an English lady happily by now, who works in Hungary. He really deserved this beautiful new life...
Mona had been walking in Füzesabony for five days, when she suddenly laid down in the middle of a busy road... Luckily she was spotted by us, so there was no question what would happen to her. It was very difficult to search for a new home for her, but finally we managed to find a foster home with the help of a foreign organisation.
Szmöre was left in Szentistván by his "owner" who told the neighbour to have him put to sleep. The neighbour did not do so, but saved the life of this old guy, giving him a chance to live happily for a few more years. His best friend is a cat in these days and he is surrounded by children as well, who love him so much, because he "behaves so well". :)
We took Eddie away from gypsies, when we went to talk to them about neutering of their own dog. He had a broken leg and needed a serious bone surgery, that was also financed by a foreign organisation.
 Emma and Mamaluga were victims of gypsies as well. Emma was kept on a 1-meter chain surrounded by waste for five years and the poor thing had to give birth every possible time in that circumstances. She did this in the middle of the trash, while covered with fleas, filled with worms and totally skinny. In the case of Mamaluga, we were called by a member of the gypsy family, who wanted to ask for help in the rehoming of the dog. Unfortunately when we got to the point of taking the dog, the man did not want to give him away. After much struggle and argument we managed to get Mamaluga out of there and now he lives in Norway and his new life cannot be compared to the one he had before. I hope he has already forgotten those horrible years.
Szilva was lying on the side of the road in Mezõtárkány, because one of her front leg was badly injured. Her walking will never be perfect, but now she is safe and lives happily.
Unfortunately people get rid of a lot of puppies by throwing them out in the suburbs, near the border or in the centre of a town. These individuals, who can not be called human beings, have caused bad times for Toto, who was left in the cemetery in a box, to Lili and Lala, who were also left in a box outside of a railway station in the city centre, to Borzos, Bodza and Bambi who have been put out of a car between Mezõtárkány and Egerfarmos and several puppies who were thrown out in the suburb of Mezõkövesd near Szomolyai Street. I wonder when people in this country will reach the level both mentally and emotionally to not to choose this solution!!!

It is not compulsory, but if you take a dog, you should know that it comes with costs and responsibility!!!

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